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Our audio memoirs are taken from existing video and audio tapes of CWLU related activities.
In the future we hope to record more interviews of CWLU members and friends to add to this collection
To listen to the audio memoirs, you will need Quicktime 3.0 or above. You may download Quicktime HERE

Jane Speaks In this 4 1/2 minute audio clip the volunteers of the Abortion Counseling Service(aka "Jane"), tell why they began to do the abortions themselves. This audio clip is also available in our Jane Special Feature.

A Monolog by Naomi Weisstein Besides being a scientist, rock musician and gifted spokeswoman for feminism, former CWLUer Naomi Weisstein was also a gifted standup comic as this audio clip demonstrates. Please Note: Strong Language

Interview with Naomi Weisstein This 25 minute interview was conducted by VH1 (the music video channel) in December of 1999 for a segment that was never aired. We captured the audio from a VHS copy donated by Naomi Weisstein. She founded the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band. Find out more about the Rock Band in our Gallery section.

photo by Elaine Wessel

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