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About our online cartoon collection

We fire off cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary, the U.S. Government. You can find our work in labor, alternative and business publications across North America and around the world.

Browse our cartoons— new & old

Order cartoons. Browse our cartoon archive of oldies. Join our e-mail list to find out when we post new ones.

We have a flexible fee structure

We base our fees on YOUR art budget and are always willing to negotiate. We can deliver crisp hi-resolution versions of our cartoons to meet your tight deadlines. Day or night.

We encourage some free use of cartoons

You may download our cartoons for posting on bulletin boards, displaying on small labor friendly websites, hanging on refrigerators, including in teacher handouts and leaving on your boss's desk (discreetly of course).

Pass them around to your friends. Heck, pass them around to your enemies. All for absolutely no charge.

Who we are

Carol Simpson is the pen-name of an artistic team who have been doing cartoons about work and business for 20 years. Estelle Carol does the drawings and Bob Simpson writes the gags.

We are union cartoonists. Estelle is a member of the Graphic Artists Guild and Bob belongs to the National Writers Union.

We'd love to publish a book of our cartoons. Contact us if you are a publisher who might be interested.


Our cartoons are dedicated to the memory of
Bill Mauldin (1921-2003)
Cartoonist and Soldier for Freedom


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